About us(English)

We, Diversity Soccer Association, are tackling a range of issues concerning social exclusion in Japanese society through football/soccer. Our vision is to realise a truly socially inclusive society, where nobody is ever left out. 

Photo: Kazuhiro Yokozeki

We believe that football/soccer is an effective tool to open up the paths for inclusion of those who suffer from homelessness, social withdrawal, psychiatric disorder, disabilities, addiction, discrimination and prejudice concerning sexual orientation and gender identity as well as ethnic and racial background, and so on.

Our flagship tournament, the Diversity Cup, has attracted over 1,500 people with such backgrounds since 2015, giving the foundation for them to make a step forward in their respective lives. 

For us, football/soccer stands for three values: 

1. Freedom for everyone to enjoy whatever they like to do.
2. Mutual respect and appreciation of human diversity
3. Renewed self-awareness by constantly meeting and overcoming new challenges

As one of the national partners of Homeless World Cup, we are home of Nobushi Japan, who represented the countries in the tournament three times in the past. We always look for opportunities to meet and link up with partners and supporters globally! 

Join us and meet our team here!